Saturday, May 9, 2009

Return of the vegetables

After a long, long winter, fresh local vegetables are now back in my life! Our CSA (community supported agriculture) share started today, so for the rest of the summer and fall, every other Saturday, we'll be picking up a box full of delicious organic vegetables from a local farm, along with recipes and information about the Wisconsin agricultural scene. I can't wait to try out all this exciting stuff. Today's box included: red sunchokes, rhubarb, sweet overwintered parsnips (all seen in first photo), and chives, ramps, sorrel, burdock, and a black radish (all in second photo), along with some decorative willow branches and overwintered spinach.

As soon as we find some time to cook, culinary adventures are ours! If anyone has any good recipes to share, please do pass them along!

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