Monday, July 20, 2009

The Chuppah...

  1. Pieces of a quilt from Justin's (great?) grandmother
  2. From our old friend Stacey
  3. From Justin’s Aunt Sue and Uncle Ralph
  4. From fabric our college friend Deepani got in Malawi
  5. From our college friend Ben Schatz
  6. From my high school friend Abigail’s wedding dress fabric
  7. From our Madison friends, the Barkers
  8. From napkins sent by our friends Bob and Julie Ullman, who have hosted us for several Wisconsin Thanksgiving
  9. From a t-shirt from the happiest place on earth
  10. From our nephew Jeremy's baby blanket
  11. From our college friend Michelle's self-dyed tank top
  12. From our college friend's Brad's tie-dyed t-shirt
  13. From Justin's cousin Susan
  14. From our Madison friend's Rachel's Team Hot Stuff (our ultimate frisbee team!) jersey from Summer 2008
  15. From my high school friend Casey, a piece of the sheet that divided her "bedroom" from my living room when she crashed with me for a semester in St. Louis after Hurricane Katrina ran her out of New Orleans
  16. From one of my old favorite t-shirts, which displays Justin's favorite dinosaur (stegosaurus), my favorite US city (New Orleans), and our colors (green and yellow)
  17. From a baby blanket scrap from Baby James
  18. From our college friend Sarah, a piece of a beautiful dress made by her grandmother
  19. From a bandana from Intelorlochen Arts Camp, where I spent a wonderful summer in 2002
(all the other pieces, as well as the light yellow cloth that is the backing, were supplied by my talented mama)

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