Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our own Hungry Planet photo!

At our dear friend Kroy's request, we've made our own Hungry Planet photo, displaying a week's worth of what we eat around here in the Zeide-Horn-Vedder household. (Inspired by the photos discussed in my High Price of Cheap Food post). It's a really interesing exercise to put this together, so we encourage you all to try and share your photos with us!


  1. 1) If I didn't know better, I'd say that Eddie looks more like a menu item than a part of the family.

    2) AZ definitely looks like she photoshopped herself into the picture. Smooth!

  2. What did your week of food cost?

  3. Re: Mike, Don't be silly, we wouldn't eat Eddie unless we were in a really tight place. You know that! And it's true that a little photoshopping might've happened--but hey! we couldn't find anyone else to take the photo and there was no way to set up the camera at the right angle!

    Re: Anonymous, I just tried to figure out the cost using a quick schematic (one week's worth of our CSA--all the veggies--costs $33 + an estimated $40 for everything else if I count rather liberally) and came up with something around $75. Of course, this doesn't include the $40 or so that we might spend eating out in a typical week, but I think that actually arrives at a pretty reasonable estimate of about $115 for our little family of three?