Monday, July 5, 2010

PEOPLE: In pictures

My last post gave the nitty gritty about the class I've been teaching, but here I'd like to share some photos and some reflections.  Because I feel like I probably shouldn't show images of my students without their permission, I'm going to stick to the slightly-less-evocative hand and back and food shots:

Day 3: Dairy Barn
Pictured below: (1) Teacher helping student tie on plastic food protectors (to protect from cow poo in the dairy barn!); (2) a sad cow, chained up, buck-toothed, and seemingly pleading for help; (3) one of my students sticking his arm into a cow's fistula:

Day 4: Gardening at FH King
 Pictured below: (1) Collards growing on the student farm; (2) A Madison scene if ever there was one; (3) The students made a salad with lettuce, mustard greens, and mesclun mix from the garden (and some of them even ate it!):

Day 8: Badger Rock Middle School
Pictured below: (1) A beautiful purple cabbage just beginning to make its way into the world, (2) Student friendship, (3) Robert Pierce and his daughter Shelly, the masterminds behind the South Madison Farmer's Market and the Madison branch of Growing Power:

Day 9: L'Etoile
Pictured below: (1) Chef Tory Miller showing the students a map of Wisconsin and the over 70 farms that deliver produce to L'Etoile, one of Madison's finest restaurants, (2) Tory cooking up a fancy meal for the kids, reflected in the mirror above his cooking table, (3) The fancy meal itself: quiche, greens, and a parmesan crisp

Day 10: Porchlight
Pictured Below: (1) Students mixing up the batter for chocolate chip scones, (2) The Porchlight Products director explaining to the students how she works with formerly homeless adults and trains them in food production using locally-sourced foods, (3) The delicious scones in all their glory, (4) The students got to make their own strawberry jam, which is sold in shops across Madison (5) with this label! (6) One of my students pouring hot jam into a jar for canning:

Pictures from many days: Food
Pictured below: (1) Salsa the kids made using fair trade tomatoes, in support of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, on Day 5; (2) Juneberries foraged from several trees on campus, on Day 6; (3) Fruit salad made to contrast the kind served frozen and in heavy syrups in school cafeteria, on Day 7


  1. Such great photos! I wonder: would Tory Miller make that kind of food for a class of philosophers? If so... can you give me his contact information??

    Also, that cow DOES look sad.

    (P.S.- Only two photos of every trio are visible to me on this page.)

  2. Awesome again! I want to take your class!

  3. BadgerBear, the photos should be fixed now--thanks for point that out! (though you now have to click on them to enlarge and see them in full detail). I wish you and Gregory could've both taken my class and eaten the full course of Tory Miller delights.

  4. Screw food miles...I want a care package. Next summer, please save me some scones, jam, and whatever else you and your students make that might be able to endure the journey over the pacific.

  5. this looks funnnnnn. and yummmmm. and i learned about fistula!