Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter in Madison

Last week, we got something like 14 inches of snow in the course of one night here in Madison. The next day, the university was closed and we all had a snow day! We stayed home all day, and were able to avoid this sort of situation:
We did get to build a little snow-woman, have a snowball fight with our seven-year-old neighbor Cedric, and clear off the huge accumulation of snow on our car:

Later, over the weekend, we went on a retreat for one of Justin's classes to a 4H camp an hour north of Madison and got to go tobogganing, down a real toboggan ramp! It was pretty awesome, even though I was (a teeny tiny bit) scared and resisted going at first.
Sometimes, winter isn't so bad after all. (Even though it is 3 degrees F right now).

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