Thursday, January 28, 2010

My impressive friends...

You may remember that last year I was really impressed with and inspired by a wedding invitation stop-motion animation video and felt like I would never find the time to make anything remotely like that myself. But then I did!

Although it's true that that invitation video was one of the main inspirations for my desire to try my hand at animation, another central motivation was my friend from college, Eric Portis, who once made our mutual friend J.B. a birthday animation video, that warmed my heart and made me love their friendship even more deeply than I already did.

Well, Eric's now made this sort of craft the center of his life, and has recently taken this animation thing to a whole new level, with an "unconscionably adorable" (his phrase) work of art that I'm happy to share with you: Click here. (It takes a few minutes to load, but is totally worth it).

And when you're finished watching the animation, take a look at some of his other art work, like this photo essay.

Sneak peek: