Monday, February 1, 2010

Resolutions of happiness

Justin wrote some wonderful New Year's Resolutions this year, and although my only resolution so far was to write a similarly wonderful list, I haven't made it very far. So, I've decided that instead of making a traditional list, I'm just going to think about what makes me happy, and try to do one example of each on a weekly basis. Plus, if I actually keep up with this, perhaps it'll make good blogging material and I'll be able to check yet another resolution off my (imaginary) list: Blog Regularly. Please let me know what you think of these ideas, and which ones you might try to incorporate into your own life.

The List:
  • Weekly Blog: Write here at least once a week, documenting my progress on the other tasks.
  • Weekly Food: Cook a creative, delicious meal (or, for half a point, eat such a meal at a restaurant). (Send me recipes to try out!)
  • Weekly Craft: Make something! Whether it's a card, a gift, a sewing project, or a little note, exercise my craft muscle. (Share ideas, requests...)
  • Weekly Kindness: Do something nice for someone. I'm leaving this intentionally vague for now, and it may overlap with the other projects, but mainly I'm shooting for random acts of kindness that brighten someone else's day. (Please send ideas my way!)
  • Weekly Conversation: Have an interesting, enriching, and/or enlivening conversation with one person (besides Justin--though he of course is the ultimate in being interesting, enriching, and enlivening)
  • Monthly Reading: Read one non-work book per month. I guess it reflects well on what I'm doing academically that it's sometimes hard to differentiate work from non-work, but I'll do my darndest. And I'm always looking for reading recommendations.
We'll see how it goes!


  1. Very nice. The monthly reading made it onto my list as well. :)

  2. As a general non-resolver, I would like to formally support your decision to pursue positive do-something-I-like resolutions instead of quit-stuff-I-like-that-I-know-isn't-good resolutions. I imagine you'll be much more successful.

    I resolve to use fewer hyphens.