Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weekly Kindness: Operation Parent Birthday

For the last couple of weeks, my great friend D. B. has had a message on her Gmail chat status that read something like "Who wants to play Operation HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANA'S PARENTS?" I decided that I very much wanted to play, and so she sent me her parents' address and my task was to send them a postcard. The idea was that she would get as many people to send them postcards as the number of years they were turning on their respective birthdays (though she didn't reveal what that number was).

So I made the parents an owl postcard (by cutting out the front of a card Justin's dad had sent us the week before and writing on the other side), recounting all the reasons I wanted to acknowledge and celebrate them on this day (whatever day it is when they receive the card!). I hope it brings them a smile or two, and that they feel loved and appreciated--most of all by their awesome daughter. Leave me a comment if you also want to play Operation HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANA'S PARENTS? and I'll pass along their address to you.

Weekly Kindness is a part of my 2010 Resolutions of Happiness.


  1. big smile on my face...
    your card is so much lovelier than mine, which i whisked off collage-style, wordless, unsigned, and all-red (perhaps inspired by the red postcard from you that hangs on my wall).
    still, i'm glad to be linked to you in the postcard-pile!

  2. i hope that my postcard nestles down right underneath yours on the burshell's counter, and that the owls and the red collage pieces get to take many naps together and hold hands all day long for many months to come, until the postcards get swept into their next life. I wish we could do the same.