Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby James the Rapper

Our good friends here in Madison, Erin and Matt Barker (who we hiked in the Canadian Rockies in Banff National Park with last summer, when we got engaged) had a baby--James--in January. He's only a couple of weeks older than my nephew Jeremy, so I've really enjoyed getting to watch James grow these past few months, both for his own sake and because it gives me some idea of how Jeremy is changing. Although I love them both, I inevitably find myself comparing them--their mannerisms, their sizes, their appearances, their rapping styles... And even though Jeremy is my flesh and blood (shares a quarter of my genes, right?), I've gotta say, I think James is the better rapper:

It's true that we don't have a video of Jeremy rapping for a fair comparison (and, it's possible that Justin might have helped James out, just a little, with this one). So perhaps the jury is still out. What do you think?

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