Sunday, April 19, 2009

The beauty of artifice

One of the many things I'm excited about regarding our upcoming wedding is the chance to flex my craft muscles. I've always loved making colorful works of functional art from paper and foil candy wrappers and toilet paper rolls and bits of string and whatever else I have around. But sometimes it feels like there's not a lot of space for that sort of creativity in the adult world. But I'm making this wedding into a space just for that. And even though by the time I actually have a chance to devote all my energy to wedding-crafting, it'll be just about two weeks before the event, I've been sneaking in a little craft time when I need a break from the grind, or in between books. My latest venture has been into the wide world of paper flower making. I don't yet know exactly how I'm going to work these yellow beauties into the wedding, but they're going to make an appearance somehow, I think, both because I really don't want to have real flowers that cost too much and die within days, and because it seems like a perfect way to showcase a little handmade flavor. So, for a glimpse of what I've come up with so far:

In case you're interested, some of the inspiration and instructions for these flowers can be found here (Image 1), here (Image 2), and here (Image 4).

Which ones are your favorites? How might we might we use these in our wedding?

Those are indeed the questions...


  1. Hooray for the roses! They are my favorite.

    You are so talented.

  2. i like the roses as well. nice job!