Monday, April 27, 2009

Three years old!

Today our handsome cat turned three years old! According to the Humane Society when we adopted Eddie Vedder in August 2006, he had been born on April 27, 2006. So today's the day for cheering! To celebrate the Ved-man today, we decided to not pick him up at all (he hates being picked up), to Ticketmaster him (which means waving a feather on a string in front of him so that he can chase and attack it; we call it "Ticketmaster-ing" because, you know, Eddie Vedder hates Ticketmaster, and wants to kill it), to give him "meat food" (wet food from a can instead of his usual dry kibble), and to take him outside both in the backyard and on the balcony. We think he had a really good day. (But can one ever reallly tell, with cats?)

Here are some Eddie-related goodies:

Cat in his desk drawer:

Mr. Vedder curled up in the down blanket, seeking a little warmth:

The "Pointy-Faced Killer" all a blur in motion as he attacks Ticketmaster. (You can just make out an ear and the top of his head in the top left corner of the photo)

"Meow-er" cooling off in the bathroom sink:
Happy Birthday, Eddie Vedder!


  1. Happy Birthday Eddie!

    Cue the "pretty good singing therrre"!

  2. this one's called uh longest title in the pearl jam catalog:

    eddie vedder...on the a small sink